Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in MEAM

DEI Task Force Members

Robert Carpick
John Henry Towne Professor and MEAM Director for DEI
Igor Bargatin
Associate Professor in MEAM
Howard Hu
Professor and Master's Program Chair
Doug Jerolmack
Professor and MEAM Diversity Search Advisor 
Michelle Johnson
Associate Professor, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation and MEAM Graduate Group
Katie Knorr
MEAM Undergraduate Coordinator
Jason Pastor
Instrumentation Technician
Dustyn Roberts
MEAM Senior Lecturer
Jonathan Singleton
MEAM Administrative Coordinator & MEAM DEI Staff Assistant

Ex Officio Members

Paulo Arratia
Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs
Jennifer Lukes
Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs
Kevin Turner
MEAM Department Chair

If there are any questions, ideas, feedback, or you want to participate in any way please email: 

Rob Carpick: carpick@seas.upenn.edu