Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in MEAM

MEAM’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force, which was formed in the fall of 2020, regularly convenes to (a) tackle immediately pressing DEI issues in MEAM and (b) develop a longer-term plan for improvement and change for all matters relating to DEI.

MEAM DEI Resources & Opportunities

The MEAM Department is particularly proud to have such a diverse and strong community here. In support of that diversity, and to promote an inclusive culture that works to overcome all forms of bias and discrimination, we are proud to announce a new program: MEAM’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship. This opportunity is open to MEAM undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars, and is an opportunity to build community and enact change.

MEAM DEI Scholars Program

MEAM was proud to introduce the MEAM DEI Scholars program in the Spring of 2022. This program provides opportunities for MEAM students and postdocs to have an impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the department by proposing and executing DEI projects conducted in collaboration with MEAM faculty and staff. In recognition of the strength of their proposed ideas and their track records of accomplishment in DEI issues, we were delighted to name three winners: Maerone Alfa (MEAM BSE ’22), Bibit Bianchini (3rd year MEAM PhD), and Justin Hegar (MEAM BSE ’22). We were also delighted to name six additional MEAM DEI Associates. The DEI Associates work with the DEI Scholars to collaboratively advance new DEI initiatives in MEAM. The 2022 DEI Associates are: Michael Klein Wassink, MEAM BSE ’23. Parker LaMascus, 4th year MEAM PhD, Sebastian Magana Miralles, MEAM BSE ’24, Will Schlatterer, MEAM BSE ’23, MSE ’24, Mazhar Sher, MEAM Post Doc, and Jovita Tedja, MEAM BSE ’25.

The Scholars and Associates are pursuing the following three programs:

Scholar: Maerone Alfa, MEAM BSE’22
Project: Growth of Diversity Learning within the MEAM Department
Faculty Advisor: Michelle Johnson
Associates: Will Schlatterer and Mazar Sher

Scholar: Bibit Bianchini, 3rd Year MEAM Ph.D.
Project: Admitted and Current MEAM Graduate Student Outreach
Faculty Advisor: Igor Bargatin
Associates: Parker LaMascus

Scholar: Justin Hegar, MEAM BSE’22
Project: MEAM Undergraduate Mentoring
Faculty Advisor: Dustyn Roberts
Associates: Michael Klein Wassink and Sebastian Magana Miralles




Please check back here in the future for MEAM DEI events, and please click here for a list of DEI events in SEAS.


If there are any questions, ideas, feedback, or you want to participate in any way please email: 

Rob Carpick: carpick@seas.upenn.edu

DEI Task Force Members

Robert Carpick
John Henry Towne Professor and MEAM Director for DEI
Paulo Arratia
Howard Hu
Professor and Master's Program Chair
Doug Jerolmack
Professor and MEAM Diversity Search Advisor 
Michelle Johnson
Associate Professor, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation and Secondary Faculty member, MEAM
Katie Knorr
MEAM Undergraduate Coordinator
Jason Pastor
Instrumentation Technician
Dustyn Roberts
Practice Associate Professor
Jonathan Singleton
MEAM Administrative Coordinator & MEAM DEI Staff Assistant
Claire Sibley
MEAM Administrative Coordinator
Maerone Alfa
MEAM DEI scholar
Bibit Bianchini
MEAM DEI scholar
Justin Hegar
MEAM DEI scholar
Igor Bargatin
Professor and Undergraduate Chair
Prashant Purohit
Professor and Graduate Chair
Kevin Turner
Professor and MEAM Department Chair

If there are any questions, ideas, feedback, or you want to participate in any way please email: 

Rob Carpick: carpick@seas.upenn.edu