Course Selection Approval:

No courses shall be taken without the prior approval of the student's advisor. Each student must prepare a tentative course plan and obtain the approval of his/her advisor and the Graduate Group Chair before the end of the second semester after his/her matriculation. A copy of the course plan will be maintained in the student's file. Any deviations from the course plan must be documented and approved by the Graduate Group Chair.


The Ph.D. program, culminating in a successful defense of the doctorial dissertation, must be completed within a period of 10 years from the year of matriculation as a graduate student in the School of Engineering and Applied Science of the University of Pennsylvania.

PhD Degree Requirements

The Ph.D. requirements include the completion of a minimum of 10 course units of graduate level work beyond the undergraduate program with a grade-point average of at least 3.0, satisfactory performance in the PhD-related exams, presentation of a departmental seminar, completion of the teaching practicum, and the submission and successful defense of an original and significant dissertation. The required 10 course units may include research units (i.e., MEAM 999). The milestones in the PhD program are noted in the PhD Handbook.

PhD Degree Requirements

All doctoral students are required to take the following:

  • The following two mathematics courses:
    • Principles and Techniques of Applied Math I (ENM 520)
    • Principles and Techniques of Applied Math II (ENM 521)
  • The following three core MEAM courses:
    • Continuum Mechanics (MEAM 530)
    • Advanced Dynamics (MEAM 535)
    • Transport Processes I (MEAM 570)
  • At least one graduate course in MEAM beyond the core MEAM courses (depth requirement)
  • At least one graduate course outside MEAM and not including ENM 520 or ENM 521 that is related to the student’s research (breadth requirement)
  • At least three additional graduate courses that are related to the student’s research
  • Three semesters of Teaching Practicum (MEAM 895; normally taken in 3rd, 4th and 5th semesters)
  • Six semesters of the MEAM seminar (MEAM 699)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research in Engineering (EAS 900; mandatory in the first year)


  • MEAM 530, 535, and 570 may be taken anytime in the first three years of the Ph.D. program.
  • Neither MEAM 899 (Independent study) nor MEAM 999 (Research) can be used to satisfy the above core requirements.
  • Students should check their preparedness for ENM 520 by reviewing the syllabus before registering for the course. If this material is unfamiliar, the student should take ENM 510 prior to taking ENM 520.