MEAM Graduate Group Research Matrix

Faculty associated with the MEAM graduate group are shown below, noting the research areas with which they are involved. For more information on the different areas of research and what they entail, visit the MEAM research page. Members of the Graduate Group are from the MEAM primary and secondary faculty, lecturers and emeriti professors and also from other schools at Penn. These affiliations are also listed below.

Faculty Member Affiliation Advanced Manufacturing  Computational  and Data Science and Engineering Design  Energy Science and Engineering  Fluid Mechanics Mechanics  and Materials Mechanical  Engineering in Biology and Medicine Robotics  and Controls

Thermal Sciences
Allen, M Secondary (ESE)
Arratia, P Primary Faculty      
Bargatin, I Primary Faculty  
Bassani, J Primary Faculty
Bau, H Primary Faculty    
Boerckel, J Graduate Group
Carpick, R Primary Faculty
Devlin, M Graduate Group  
Discher, D Secondary (CBE)
Figueroa, N Primary Faculty    
Goldman, Y Secondary (SoM)
Goldsby, D Graduate Group
Hsieh, A Graduate Group        
Hu, H Primary Faculty      
Issadore, D Graduate Group
Jerolmack, D Primary
Johnson, M Secondary (SoM)
Koditschek, D Secondary (ESE)
Kumar, V Primary Faculty
Lior, N Primary Faculty    
Liu, S Graduate Group
Lukes, J Primary Faculty  
Miskin, M Graduate Group        
Olsson, T Graduate Group  
Pappas, G Secondary (ESE)
Park, G Primary Faculty
Perdikaris, P Primary Faculty
Ponte Castaneda, P Primary Faculty  
Posa, M Primary Faculty
Purohit, P Primary Faculty
Raney, J Primary Faculty
Reina, C Primary Faculty
Shenoy, V Secondary (MSE)
Sinno, T Secondary (CBE)
Soslowsky, L Graduate Group    
Stebe, K Secondary (CBE)
Sung, C Primary Faculty
Taylor, CJ Graduate Group
Tertuliano, O Primary Faculty    
Trask, N Primary Faculty  
Turner, K Primary Faculty
Ulrich, K Secondary (Wharton)
Vining, K Graduate Group
Winkelstein, B Graduate Group
Yang, S Graduate Group    
Yim, M Primary Faculty