• Student Career Development Series

Student Career Development Series

The annual MEAM Student Career Development Series provides all levels of MEAM students the opportunity to network with MEAM alumni, connect with career-oriented resources on campus, and enhance their professional development.

Presented each fall by the MEAM department, and moderated by Dr. Graham Wabiszewski, the series culminates with a panel comprised of MEAM undergraduate, master’s, Ph.D., IPD, and ROBO alumni.  Each year’s panel delivers insight into the broad array of career fields and roles available to MEAM students upon graduation.  Past alumni panelists have worked for industry-leading organizations including Amazon, Tesla, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, and Microsoft, among others.

Our 2020 Panel:

Wanda Lipps (MEAM BSE ’17, WH BS ’17), Consultant at Avascent; Roman Mays (MEAM MSE ’17), PhD Student, Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering at the University of Connecticut; Sarah Schechter (MEAM MIPD ’17), Senior Product Manager at Comcast; Nick Schneider (MEAM Ph.D. ’15), Principal at the Boston Consulting Group; Jagtar Singh, MEAM MSE ’19),  Machine Learning Engineer at Honeywell; Justin Thomas, (MEAM Ph.D. ’17), Principal Robotics Engineer at Exyn Technologies; Bokang (Brina) Wang, (MEAM MSE, ’15), Manufacturing Engineer at WEITRON, INC.

Our 2019 Panel:

Erica Aduh (ROBO MSE ‘15, MEAM BSE ‘15), Mechanical Engineer II at Amazon Robotics; Parker Barnette (MIPD ‘18) Digital Business Designer at Schneider Electric; Matt Brady (MEAM MSE ‘17), Hardware Development Engineer II at Amazon Robotics; Elyse Newman (MEAM BSE ‘09), Senior Project Manager, Innovation at Dunkin’ Brands; Daleroy Sibanda (MEAM MSE ‘16, ROBO MSE ‘16, MEAM BSE ‘16), Associate at PDT Partners; Carolynn Sullivan (MEAM MSE ‘16, MEAM BSE ‘15), Team Manager at Crayola; Ankit Vora (MEAM MSE ‘16), Autonomous Vehicles Engineer at Ford Motor Company; and Denise Wong (MEAM PhD ‘17, ROBO MSE ‘14), Robotics Engineer at Exyn Technologies.

Our 2018 Panel:

Bahram Banisadr (ROBO MSE ‘16, MEAM BSE ‘15, WH BS ‘15), Program Manager with Microsoft Azure; Patrick Brandon (MSE IPD ‘13), Senior Mechanical Engineer at Bresslergroup; Molly Dee (BSE ‘13), Senior Project Engineer at Jaros Baum & Bolles; Sophie Edgar (MEAM MSE ‘15), Manager of Engineered Solutions at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.; Quentin Lindsey (MEAM PhD ‘13), Senior GNC Engineer at AeroVironment; and Jasper Liu (MEAM BSE ‘17), Catenary Designer at Jacobs Engineering Group.

Our 2017 Panel:

Emily Fisher (MSE:IPD ‘12, MEAM BSE ‘11), Senior UX Researcher at AnswerLab; Evan Galipeau (MEAM PhD ‘12), Mechanical Design and Development Engineer at Kulicke & Soffa; Shylean Keshwani (MSE ‘14), Senior Engineer, Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Implementation at Tesla; Alex Neier (MEAM BSE ‘14), Program Manager, Global Logistics at Amazon; and Sam Verdugo (MEAM BSE ‘13), Mechanical Design Engineer at Holtec International.

Our 2016 Panel:

Sawyer Brooks (ROBO MSE ‘15, MEAM BSE ‘14), Robotics Software Engineer, Manipulation and Sampling Group at NASA JPL; Michael Hurst (MEAM MSE ‘12), Mechanical Design Engineer at Intuitive Surgical, Inc.; Eza Koch (ROBO MSE ‘14, MEAM BSE ‘14), Chief Roboticist at BioBot; William McGill (MEAM MSE ‘12, MEAM BSE ‘11), Associate Engineer at PECO; David Nath (MSE:IPD ‘12), Product Developer of Men’s Accessories and Special Projects at Coach; Rachel Webre (MEAM BSE ‘04), Program Director at Upwardly Global & President at Engineers without Borders New York Professional Chapter; Jason Thompson (MEAM PhD ‘11, MEAM MSE ‘11), Senior Mechanical Engineer at Schlumberger; and Ani Hsieh (MEAM PhD ‘07, MEAM MSE ‘05), Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics at Drexel University.

Our 2015 Panel:

Sarah Badin (MEAM MSE ‘15, MEAM BSE ‘14), Mechanical Systems Designer at Boeing; Pablo Castillo (MEAM MSE ‘13, MEAM BSE ‘13), Design and Development Engineer at Lutron; Prithvish Gowda (MEAM MSE ‘15), Project Engineer at Holtec International; Geoff Johnson (MSE:IPD ‘12, MEAM BSE ‘11), CEO of Parametric LLC; Daniel Mellinger (MEAM PhD ‘12, MEAM MSE ‘10), Senior Staff Engineer/Manager at Qualcomm; Folsade Oba (ROBO MSE ‘16, MEAM BSE ‘16), Design Innovation Engineer at Intel; and Jay Olman (MEAM BSE ‘08), Senior Analyst at RJMetrics.

*Employment information at the time of the panel.