Ph.D. Degree in MEAM

The Ph.D. program is a dynamic, hands-on and research-focused degree program. Overseen by the Graduate Group in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, students will interact closely with professors and research staff to pursue a degree tailored to their interests. Each student’s course of study is selected with the help of his or her advisor and is approved by the Graduate Group Chair. Thesis research is guided by the research advisor with advice from a small committee of faculty chosen for their interest and competence in areas related to the thesis work.

All of the faculty in the Graduate Groups are actively engaged in research, and opportunities exist for students to participate in faculty research as Research Fellows receiving full tuition remission plus an annual stipend and health insurance.  The level of funding of research programs exceeds $1.5 million per year on the average. Additional fellowship opportunities are available through special endowments and student scholarships through federal agencies such as National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, and National Institutes of Health. The population of full-time graduate students numbers about 65 and there are about 3 part-time students (part-time is rare). This small and select student body makes it possible to give careful attention to program selection and fosters opportunities for informal and intellectual interaction with the faculty. This is an outstanding feature of our program, which is reflected in the fact that many of our Ph.D. students have gone for successful academic careers.

The informal dimensions of the graduate experience include weekly seminars with guest speakers and our own Ph.D. students. Social, cultural and athletic activities are sponsored by the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Association (MEGA) and these provide opportunities for relaxation and fellowship and for informal discussion of a wide range of subjects with the faculty.

The department welcomes applications from students with superior scholastic achievement who will enjoy and contribute to our effort to gain a deeper understanding of the workings of the mechanical universe and who have the motivation and tenacity to meet the standards which we have set for ourselves in pursuing our goals.


How Do I Apply?

Please visit the Graduate Admissions website for additional frequently asked questions.