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Maryeileen Banford Griffith
Graduate Coordinator
229 Towne Building

Kevin T. Turner
Graduate Group Chair
245 Towne Building

How to Register

All students enrolled in a degree program are required to be continuously registered. Four courses per semester (including thesis research, such as MEAM 999) is considered to be a normal, full-time load for all students. Students must consult with the Graduate Group Chair if a deviation from the normal load is contemplated. Part-time students usually take one or, at most, two courses per semester. MEAM 999 is the course number assigned to dissertation research. Several units of this course may be taken simultaneously. The grading of MEAM 999 is done by the student's dissertation advisor. Only grades of "S" (satisfactory), "U" (unsatisfactory) or "I" (incomplete) can be earned in this course.

How to Register

To register for your classes use Penn InTouch to request your courses.

For a listing of the courses offered next term please check the Course Timetable. The course descriptions are also available in the Course Register.

If you plan to register for 899 (independent study) or 999 (PhD research) the appropriate section number must be must be acquired from the MEAM Office prior registering for the course (each advisor has a different section number). Permission to register for 995 (PhD dissertation) must be obtained through the Office of Academic Programs in room 111 Towne Building (from Betty Gentner).

For information about your requirements you can consult the PhD Guidelines for Graduate Study in MEAM (PDF Format). You may also wish to consult the SEAS Graduate Student Academic Handbook.

A note on leaves of absence:

Continuous registration as a graduate student is required unless a formal leave of absence is granted by the Dean of the student’s school. A student who has reached dissertation tuition status will not be granted a leave of absence, except for military duty, medical reasons, or when the student receives a grant for dissertation research conducted abroad and the grant does not include funds to pay home institutional fees. A student not in dissertation status who desires a leave of absence must submit a request to the Graduate Group Chair and to the Graduate Division Office.