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PhD Guidelines



Prospective PhD Students

Explore our MEAM PhD program!


Degree requirements

Find out what is required of our PhD degree students, including classes, areas of concentration, research, dissertations, and time required to complete the degree. Learn more...


Courses offered

Our graduate courses encompass all aspects of the mechanical world, from Mechanics of Human Motion to Design for Manufacturability to Robotics and Automation. Learn more...


Choosing an advisor

Potential PhD students should look over the research matrix of our departmental and affiliated faculty, which is broken down by areas of research in the discipline. By identifying the area that most interests you, choosing an advisor becomes easier. Learn more...


Admissions questions and answers

Where do I apply online? What do I do with supplemental documents? Can I study part-time? Find out the answers to these questions and many others! Learn more...

financial aid

Financial aid

All PhD students who are in good academic standing are provided with financial aid that covers full tuition, a stipend, and health insurance throughout their program of study in the department. The financial aid is funded by research grants of faculty members, endowments, and other fellowships. Learn more...


Apply on-line

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences no longer sends out paper applications. All applications for admission must be completed online. Learn more...