Thank you for your interest in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics at University of Pennsylvania! You will find that our educational programs combine solid education in the fundamentals with hands-on research into novel problems and applications. Small class sizes allow students to work intimately, and a strong emphasis on analysis prepares students for research as well as for industry.


Explore our Undergraduate Program

Study forces, deformations and motions of solid bodies and fluids, and heat generation and transport to understand and design components and systems for a wide range of applications – from rocket engines and nano motors to toasters and power tools. Learn more...


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The Master's in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM) is innovative, unique, and nationally recognized for its excellence. In addition to the MEAM master's degree, there are several other degree options available to our students. Learn more...


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Our doctoral program emphasizes fundamental concepts and their use in applications. A distinguished and diverse faculty, including colleagues affiliated with other departments in Engineering, the Medical School, and the Wharton Business School, offer fundamental and advanced courses. Learn more...