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Graduate Student Awards and Recognition

Outstanding Teaching Assistant in MEAM

This award is given to the Mechanical Engineering graduate student whose teaching assistant service has been exemplary. Students are chosen to receive this award because of their initiative, reliability, commitment to the students, and their overall contribution to the teaching mission.

Spring 2020: Yibo Yang
Fall 2019: Chuanpeng Sun
Spring 2019: Huiwen Bai
Fall 2018: Juan Diego Caporale
Fall 2017: Eric Young
Fall 2016: Joseph Cooke
Spring 2016: Joan John Cortes
Fall 2015: Zachary Milne
Spring 2015: Sarah Tang
Fall 2014: Helen Minsky, Monroe Kennedy and Paul Barclay
Spring 2014: Ruiyuan Ma and Gavin Kenneally
Fall 2013: Luis Guerrero Bonilla
Spring 2013: Justin Thomas
Fall 2012: Rebecca Pierce
Spring 2012: Mehdi Bakhshi Zanjani
Fall 2011: Nicholas Schneider
Spring 2011: Michael Norton and Lichao Pan
Fall 2010: Drew Cheney
Fall 2009: Graham E. Wabiszewski and Qiwei Shi
Spring 2009: Ian Cosden
Fall 2008: Joseph Romano
Spring 2008: Francis Lagor
Fall 2007: Paul White and Neil Zuckerman
Spring 2007: Nathan Michael
Fall 2006: Jack Franklin and Jason Thompson
Spring 2006: Joseph Grogan
Fall 2005: Richard Springman
Spring 2005: Hui Zhao
Fall 2004: Shizhi Qian
Spring 2004: Ani Hsieh
Fall 2003: Andy Perrin
Spring 2003: Heather Lynch
Fall 2002: Alan Rosenwinkel

John A . Goff Award

The John A. Goff Prize for graduate students was established in 1974 by alumni and friends in honor of Dr. John A. Goff, former Dean of the Towne School and Asa Whitney Professor. It is awarded annually to a graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics who has been selected by the faculty on the basis of criteria of scholarship, resourcefulness, and leadership. Recipients:

2020: Mathew Halm
2019: Lisa M. Lallo
2018: Sarah Y. Tang
2017: Tarik D. Tosun
2016: Naomi Fitter & Alison Koser
2015: David Gagnon
2014: Nicholas Schneider
2013: Matt Turpin
2012: David Argudo
2011: Nora Ayanian
2010: Joseph Grogan
2009: Neil Zuckerman
2008: Richard Springman
2007: Mong-Ying (Ani) Hsieh
2006: Adam Engler
2005: Joshua Lampe
2004: Carl Jannetti
2003: Sung Key Koh
2002: Karthik Mukundakrishnan

MEAM Master's Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is given to first year MEAM master’s students who show exceptional promise for research. It has been instituted to foster a spirit for creative thinking among master’s students beyond what they learn in courses.

2020: Xinyue Wei
2020: Zhiyuan Yang
2019: Max Cioban
2019: Luke Kasper
2019: Rohan Sanghvi
2018: Jundong Hu
2018: Ranjiangshang Ran
2018: Matthew Sorna
2018: Zihang Zhang
2018: Qinyi Zhu
2017: Yulai Weng
2017: Akshay Panduronga Sinai Ramani
2016: Mohsen Azadi
2016: Hung Tang Ko
2016: Nupura Ravishankar
2016: Mutian Zhang
2015: Xiaozhuo Cheng
2015: Aoyi Luo
2015: Madhura Gurjar
2014: Akshay Ananthakrishnan
2014: Siyao Hu
2014: Chengzhi Qi

External Fellowships

2020: Brian Acosta, NSF Fellowship
2020: Elizabeth (Bibit) Bianchini, NSF*, Ford Foundation*, and NDSEG Fellowships
2020: Jessica Yin, NSF Fellowship
2020: Michael Sobrepera, NIH F31 Fellowship
2020: Konstantinos Garyfallogiannis, Gerondelis Foundation Fellowship
2020: Thomas Celenza, NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Fellowship

2020: Parker LaMascus, NSF* and NDSEG Fellowships
2020: Sage Fulco, NDSEG Fellowship
2019: Laura Jarin-Lipschitz, NSF Fellowship
2019: Daniel Mox, NSF Fellowship
2019: Matthew Halm, NSF Fellowship
2019: Chris Stabile, NSF Fellowship
2019: Alissa Johnson, NSF Fellowship
2015: Lisa Mariani, NSF Fellowship
2015: Eric Young, NSF Fellowship
2014: Rebecca Winter, NSF Fellowship
2014: Tarik Tosun, NSF Fellowship
2013: Sarah Yifang Tang, NSF Fellowship
2013: Mickey Whitzer, NSF Fellowship
2013: Monroe Kennedy, NSF Fellowship
2013: David Gagnon, NSF Fellowship
2013: Naomi Fitter, NSF Fellowship
2013: Elizabeth Beattie, NSF Fellowship
2012: Gavin Kenneally: NSERC Scholarship
2012: Monroe Kennedy III: GEM Fellowship
2012: Alison Koser: NSF Fellowship
2012: Shylean Keshwani: Agakhan Foundation International Scholarship
2011: Heather Culbertson: NSF Fellowship
2011: Phillip Dames: DOD NDSEG Fellowship
2011: Rebecca Pierce: NSF Fellowship
2009: Matthew Turpin: NSF Fellowship

*Award was declined because the student won multiple fellowships.

Internal Awards

2020: Elizabeth (BibitBianchini,V. R. Krishna Murthy Vanukuri and Lakshmi Murthy Vanukuri Prize
2019: Rebecca Li, Ariella Mansfield, Michael Sobrepera, First place, Rothberg Catalyzer Makerthon 
2020: Akhilesh Prashant Bhat, SEAS Outstanding Academic Award
2020: Rohan Sanghvi, SEAS Outstanding Academic Award
2020: Madeline Griffith, SEAS Outstanding Research Award
2020: Yuanzhe Dai, SEAS Outstanding Teaching Award
2019-2020: Joseph Cooke, CTL Graduate Fellow for Teaching Excellence
2019: Zihang Zhang, SEAS Outstanding Academic Award
2019: Mohsen Azadi, Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student
2020: Ryan Black,V. R. Krishna Murthy Vanukuri and Lakshmi Murthy Vanukuri Prize
2018: Alissa Johnson, Class of 1939 Graduate Student Fellowship Award
2018: Ruiyuan Ma, Andy Binns Impact Award for Outstanding Service to Graduate & Professional Student Life
2016-2017: Juliette Sardin, Africk Award
2015-2016: Naomi Fitter, CTL Graduate Fellow for Teaching Excellence
2013-2014: Rebecca Pierce, CTL Graduate Fellow for Teaching Excellence
2012: Nicholas Schneider, The Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students
2009-2010: Paul White, CTL Graduate Fellow for Teaching Excellence
2006: Kevin Galloway, The Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students

External Awards

2018: Dr. Alison Koser Patterson, Dissertation Award in Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Recipient, American Physical Society
2017: Dr. Ting Yue, Best Paper Award, ECOS 2017 International Conference, San Diego