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Undergraduate Student Awards

The Francis G. Tatnall Prize in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

The Francis G. Tatnall Prize is awarded to the senior(s) whose senior design project is judged to be the most outstanding and which reflects the qualities of ingenuity, technical proficiency, and usefulness which characterized the work of the distinguished alumnus after whom the prize is named.

2021: Kelly Babitz, David Bunn, Kathie Jin, Lilian Stoesser, and Christopher Valencia
2020: Gabriel Blanchard, Adarsh Kulkarni, Samantha Lunt, Sarah Pasquale, and Madeline Rice
2019: Spencer Collins, Jake Fine, Ashwin Kishen, Yann Pfitzer, Connor Sendel, and Samuel Weintraub
2018: Alex Andalia, Nikhil Chari, Jay Fleischer, Thomas Macchio, Xavier Perraudin, and Eric Quesada
2017: Elyse Chase, Kevin Crossley, Sterling Graham, Nancy Linxuan Fang, Marshall Pritt, and Alysha Singh
2016: Justin Chang, Foster Collins, Aedhan Loomis, Andrew McGrath, and Mike Meigs 2015: Bahram Banisadr, Mark Gallagher, Kristopher Li, and Anthony Terracciano
2014: Sawyer Brooks, Emily Samuelson, Sebastian Schloesser and Cristina Sorice
2013: Lauren Davis, Michael Kofron, Stella Latscha, Gabrielle Merritt and Anthony Stroffolino
2012: Annett Bordoley, Rikki Irwin, Viraj Kalyani, Craig G. McDonald and Dorsey E. Standish
2011: Tal Bar-Or, Gaurav Gupta, Juan Jacobus-Avila, Ishan Sehgal and Ritwik Lodhiya
2010: Anjay Kumar, Jeremy Lautman, Sudarshan Venu
2009: Carolyn Fu, Vinny Kumar
2008: Warren Jackson
2007: Erik S. Trautman
2006: John J. Prosser
2005: Ngee Kuan Teo
2004: Fred Heger
2003: John Manning
2002: Alice Lux
2001: Andrew Perrin
2000: Nicholas Angert, Nicholas DiCostanzo, Anuj Ralhan
1999: Yoonjung Jang, Dennis Kim
1998: Noah B. Davis
1997: Meera G. Bhatia, Sean M. Elward, Hope Varney

The Ralph Teetor Award in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

The Ralph Teetor Award was established by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics in memory of its distinguished alumnus, Ralph R. Teetor, Class of 1912. It is awarded annually to that senior who in the opinion of the department’s faculty has demonstrated the qualities of ingenuity, creativity, scholarship, and service.

2021: Kathie Jin, Jared Rogers
2020: Leora Korn, Vijay Ramanujan
2019: Matthew Oslin, Connor Sendel
2018: Jay Fleischer
2017: Elyse Chase
2016: Andrew McGrath
2015: Thomas Sutton
2014: Justin Yim
2013: Pablo Castillo
2012: Alexander Ferro
2011: Ian O’Hara
2010: Alex H. Nakahara
2009: Alexander Rattner
2008: Matthew Kalmus
2007: Olga Epshteyn
2006: Doo Sik Lew
2005: Laurence Lemaire
2004: Andrew Poenicke
2003: Paul Leblond
2002: Frank Minetti
2001: Sara A. Shaughnessy
2000: Ravi P. Jain
1999: Charles P. Nappen
1998: Brian Mulada, Kenrick Waithe
1997: Saikat Chaudhuri

The Victor W. K. Ku Memorial Award

This award is presented annually to two students, one in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics and one in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, who at the end of their junior year best exemplify the ideals of high scholarship, personal discipline, and service to others for which Victor W.K. Ku, BSE (ME) ’70, MSE (ME) ’71, is remembered.

MEAM Recipients are:

2021: Keshav Vedula
2020: George Popov
2019: Malini Rao
2018: Sina Golkari
2017: Daniel Orol
2016: Elyse Chase
2015: Joseph Mack
2014: Adam Farabaugh
2013: Justin Starr
2012: Joshua Elkind and Daniel Wood
2011: Sarah E. Clark
2010: Lucas Hartman
2009: Daniel Yates-Berg
2008: Kate Chovanetz
2007: Esteban P. Argudo
2006: Michael Dugan
2005: Adam C. Buresh
2004: Michael Balsamo
2003: Tevis Jacobs
2002: Paul Leblond
2001: Frank C. Minetti, Jr.
2000: Sara A. Shaughnessy
1999: Ravi P. Jain
1998: Charles P. Nappen
1997: Timothy L. Moulton

The Hugo Otto Wolf Memorial Prize

The Hugo Otto Wolf Memorial Prize, funded by Otto C. Wolf in memory of his son, is awarded to that member of the senior class in each department of the School of Engineering and Applied Science who, during the senior year, by the thoroughness and originality of his or her work, meets with the greatest approval of the professors in charge.

MEAM Recipients are:

2021: Maddie Magee and George Popov
2020: Samantha Lunt and Mei Chung
2019: Jonah Arnheim and Joanne Li
2018: Rebecca Abramowitz and Daniel Orol
2017: Sean Cohen and Michelle Isaacs
2016: Mohamed Abo Sakr
2015: Adam Farabaugh
2014: Hardik Gupta
2013: Daniel Wood
2012: Grant Wilson
2011: Andrew Stanley
2010: Mallory Jensen
2009: Kate Chovanetz
2008: Esteban Argudo
2007: Michael N. Dugan
2006: Fletcher Wilson
2005: David H. Cohen
2004: Kevin Galloway
2003: Spencer Szczesny
2002: Richard Springman
2001: Amy L. Levine
2000: Nicholas DiCostanzo
1999: Wade Bennett
1998: Timothy Moulton
1997: Robert M. Wong

William K. Gemmill Memorial Award

The William K. Gemmill Memorial Award is awarded annually to the student(s) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics who demonstrate(s) outstanding creativity in an Engineering Design Project.

2021: Nicholas Genovese, Andreana Izotov, Nelson Ngouenet, Paul Owens, and Andres Voyer
2020: Brian Chirikjian, Arjun Dave, Matthew Fohner, Pranav Garg, and Christopher Stanczak
2019: Jonah Arnheim, Claire Brundage, Allison Grey, Dylan Hawkes, Gregory Robinov, and Raphael Van Hoffelen
2018: Rome Arnold, Eugenia Bejar, Pele Collins, Max Newberger, Michael Pearson, and Rosalind Shinkle
2017: Patrick Boyle, Courtney Kobata, Cheryl Liu, Daniel Shanks, and Aaron Weinstein
2016: Golam Kibria, John Kim, Christian Wang, and Tighe Costa
2015: John Doyle, Manfred Reiche, Tommy Sutton and John Whitman
2014: Joseph Hill, Alex Neier, Joseph Polin and Justin Starr
2013: Jason Gui, Drew Karabinos, Jonathan Kern and R. Blake Winston
2012: Nicholas W. Bartlett, Neel Doshi, Nisan Lerea and Adam Libert
2011: Evan Dvorak, Lucas Hartman, Geoffrey Johnson, Kathryn Rohacz and Katherine Savarise
2010: Tom Castner, Todd Tewksbury, Daniel Yates-Berg
2009: Jonathan Bohren, Alexander Rattner
2008: Francesca Lattanzio, Elyse Newman
2007: Kristin M. Condello, Michael N. Dugan, Peter G. Brueckner, William R. Jelliffe IX
2006: Adam C. Buresh, Brendan C. Grayeb, Patrick E. Link
2005: Elizabeth A. Lorelli
2004: Paul Silberschatz
2003: Levi Hetrick, Christopher Ioannides, Matthew Marinzoli
2002: John Delneo, Richard Springman, Sin Bon Yeung
2001: Jeffrey Hsi, Woo H. Lee, Zamri Mohamed, Thomas W. Witherspoon, III
2000: Teeranoot Chanthasopeephan, Lenny Mustapah, Raja Ramachandran
1999: Christopher Gahring
1998: Graham B. Dickson
1997: Paul A. Feehery, Travis G. Heinrichs, John P. Ternus

John Couloucoundis Prize for the Best Presentation of a Senior Design Project

The prize is given to the best presentation of a senior design project. The purpose of the prize is to encourage students to present as professional and polished discussion of their work as possible. That means being able to explain the project in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner. The presentations will be judged to use the same guidelines under this category used in the school-wide competition. (How is the project presented? What arguments does the presenter give to support his/her project? Are the arguments clear and easy to understand? How are the presenter’s language skills? Is the supporting material focused and convincing?) Recipients of this prize must present their design at the School-wide competition.

2021: Alice Bian, Jack Lanzi, Madison Magee, Jimmy Ni, Mustafa Shabazz, and Huen-Yee Tso
2020: Folatomi Alli-Balogun, Malini Rao, Vlasta Schutzenhofer, Abigail Szabo, Audrey Walsh, and Xinyue Wei
2019: Bennet Caraher, Paul Flores, Karina Gunadi, Miltos Kitsios, Matthew Oslin, and John Welde
2018: Ben Bernstein, Spencer Fox, Alex Garcia, Reed Ginsberg, Daniel Orol, and Jacob Snipes
2017: Ashley Berg, Nick Demes, Sam Gaardsmoe, Dan Harris, Drew Lilley, and Rachel Schwimmer
2016: Sasha Klebnikov, William Cheng, Chevonae Walcott, and Christina Springer
2015: Adrian Lievano, Aadithya Prakash, Freddy Hernandez, Matthew Lisle and Steven Xing
2014: Jonathan Cousins, Rafi Pelles, Brandon Jennings, Jon Nino, Iason Stamatiadis
2012: Sarah Clark, Sydney E. Jackopin, Jacob Orloff, Michael L. Posner and Michael Siegel
2011: Michael Boyle, Nihar Dharamsey, Simon Healey, Nihar Naik and Andrew Stanley
2010: Davesh Shah, Michael Shomin, Reed Lerner, Alikhan Sapargaliyev, Andrew Tam
2009: Kate Chovanetz, Matthew Macmillan, Travis VanSchoyck
2008: Esteban Argudo, Brian Cohen, Matthew Ford, Kimberly Gallant and Patricia Leskiw
2007: Wy-Men Loh
2006: Laura M. Sadow, Zachary J. Kirkhorn
2005: Michael J. Balsamo

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Award is given annually to a student in mechanical engineering and applied mechanics in recognition of his or her outstanding efforts and accomplishments in behalf of the ASME Student Chapter of the University of Pennsylvania.

2021: Adam Liang
2020: Perrin Bauder
2019: Allison Grey
2018: Léo Kensicher
2017: Andrew Block
2016: Mihiri Rajapaksa
2015: Sean Reidy
2014: Joseph Polin
2013: Elizabeth Beattie
2011: Nihar Naik
2010: Daniel Yates-Berg
2009: Matthew Owens
2008: Matthew Ford
2007: Kimberly Gallant
2006: John Prosser
2005: Michael Balsamo
2004: Danielle Alliman
2003: Levi Hetrick
2002: Alessandro Rimoldi
2001: Prang Chim
2000: Kapil Kedia
1999: Seth L. Cooper
1998: Scott D. Saltzman
1997: Micah T. Collins

Judges' Choice Award

The award is presented annually to the senior(s) whose senior design project is chosen for its excellence, based on the discretion of the judges.

2021: Christopher Fox, Hanna Kim, Mona Lee, Rakesh Ravi, Seth Rogers, and Lucille Stinn
2020: Phoebe Altenhofen, Joseph Auckley, Leora Korn, Andrew Levine, and Caroline Weiss
2019: Sherry (Xiaoyi) Chen, Frank (Fangyi) Fan, Vanessa Howell, Eunice Lee, Mia Mansour, and Quinn Wu
2018: Rebecca Abramowitz, Matthew Caltabiano, Anna Estep, Erica Higa, John Killoran, and Sean Trahan
2017: Samuel Altland, William Constan, Brian Dhingra, Anthony Faustini, Jasper Liu, and Jeremy Wright
2016: Jessica Hasson, Carder House, Sarah Lawson, and Mihiri Rajapaksa
2015: Greg Caso, Kevin Cruz, Davita Frankel-Bonacci, Clara Midgley, and Rob Ritchie
2014: Keelen Collins, Jon Law, Kristin Marra, Sarah Martezian, and Kate Wessels
2013: Elizabeth Beattie, Nicholas McGill, Nicholas Parrotta, and Nikolay Vladimirov