• Senior Design Awards

Senior Design Awards 

Francis G. Tatnall Prize

The Francis G. Tatnall Prize is awarded to the senior(s) whose senior design project is judged to be the most outstanding and which reflects the qualities of ingenuity, technical proficiency, and usefulness which characterized the work of the distinguished alumnus after whom the prize is named.

William K. Gemmill Memorial Award

The William K. Gemmill Memorial Award is awarded annually to the student(s) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics who demonstrate(s) outstanding creativity in an Engineering Design Project.

John Couloucoundis Prize

The prize is given to the best presentation of a senior design project. The purpose of the prize is to encourage students to present as professional and polished discussion of their work as possible. That means being able to explain the project in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner. The presentations will be judged to use the same guidelines under this category used in the school-wide competition. (How is the project presented? What arguments does the presenter give to support his/her project? Are the arguments clear and easy to understand? How are the presenter’s language skills? Is the supporting material focused and convincing?) Recipients of this prize must present their design at the School-wide competition.

Judges’ Choice Award

The award is presented annually to the senior(s) whose senior design project is chosen for its excellence, based on the discretion of the judges.