Senior Design Competition

As the capstone of Penn's practice-integrated mechanical engineering curriculum, the two-semester senior design sequence challenges students to bring theory, skills, general knowledge, and inventive energy to bear on substantial engineering problems. There is no "typical" project and the variety is always surprising: some projects lead to marketable products; some explore a theoretical principle; some are just for fun.  But taken together, they reflect the breadth and diversity of mechanical engineering.

Our 2017 Winners:

Team This is … Spinal Map, comprised of Elyse Chase, Kevin Crossley, Sterling Graham, Nancy Linxuan Fang, Marshall Pritt, and Alysha Singh, were winners of the Francis G. Tatnall Prize Winner for an outstanding project showing ingenuity, proficiency and usefulness.   
Backster is a wearable for tracking and visual feedback of the torso during exercise and rehabilitation. Backster’s six absolute orientation sensors communicate real-time to a computer model of the user’s torso allowing the user to correct their form on-the-fly.
Team Volonomic, comprised of Patrick Boyle, Courtney Kobata, Cheryl Liu, Daniel Shanks, and Aaron Weinstein, were winners of the William K. Gemmill Memorial Prize for outstanding creativity.
VI is the first fully-actuated, 6 degree-of-freedom, multi-rotor aerial vehicle capable of stable, controllable flight in all directions and orientations. The dexterity of VI allows the craft to operate in spaces inaccessible to existing aerial vehicles, notably quadrotors.
Team Chillers, comprised of Ashley Berg, Nick Demes, Sam Gaardsmoe, Dan Harris, Drew Lilley, and Rachel Schwimmer, were winners of the Couloucoundis Prize for the best senior design presentation.
Frio is a personal, wearable cooling device in a watch-like form factor. This low power device takes advantage of evaporative cooling and forced convection to provide 5 hours of cooling per charge.
Team The Chefs, comprised of Sam Altland, Will Constan, Brian Dhingra, Anthony Faustini, Jasper Liu, and Jeremy Wright, were winners of the Judges Choice Award for excellence based on the discretion of the judges.
Automelette is an automated, self-contained, made-to-order omelette station for commercial dining establishments. The Automelette allows a user to select from six toppings and the standardization of the omelette cooking process yields consistency in taste and quality of the final product.