Schedule of Electives

The tables below represent a sampling of professional elective, MEAM upper level, and TBS courses being offered through the MEAM department and its faculty. If you need help distinguishing which requirement a course might fulfill, please see the Undergraduate Coordinator (Towne 229) for assistance.

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Fall 2022 Electives
MEAM 1010 Intro to Mechanical Design
MEAM 2010 Machine Design and Manufacturing
MEAM 2200 / MSE 2200 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
MEAM 4110 / IPD 5110 / OIDD 4110 / OIDD 5110* How to Make Things: Production Prototyping Studio
MEAM 4150 / IPD 5150 / OIDD 4150* Product Design
MEAM 4210 / ESE 4210 Control for Autonomous Robots
MEAM 5020 Energy Engineering in Power Plants and Transportation Systems
MEAM 5060 / MSE 5060 Failure Analysis of Engineering Materials
MEAM 5070 Fundamentals of Materials
MEAM 5080 Materials and Manufacturing for Mechanical Design
MEAM 5100 Design of Mechatronic Systems
MEAM 5170 Control and Optimization with Applications in Robotics
MEAM 5190*** Elasticity & Micromech of Materials
MEAM 5200 Intro to Robotics
MEAM 5350*** Advanced Dynamics
MEAM 5450 Aerodynamics
MEAM 5530 / MSE 5610 Atomic Modeling in Materials Science
MEAM 5550 / CBE 5550 / BE 5550 Nanoscale Systems Biology
MEAM 5700*** Transport Processes I
ENGR 1050 Intro to Scientific Computing
ENM 3600 Intro to Data-driven Modeling
ENM 5030 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
ENM 5100 Foundations of Engineering Mathematics I
ENM 5210 Principles and Techniques of Applied Math II
EAS 4010 / 5010** Energy and Its Impacts
EAS 5070** Intellectual Property and Business Law for Engineers
EAS 5120** Engineering Negotiation
EAS 5450 / IPD 5450** Engineering Entrepreneurship I
EAS 5460** Engineering Entrepreneurship II
Spring 2022 Electives
MEAM 101 Intro to Mechanical Design
MEAM 201 Machine Design and Manufacturing
MEAM 225 Engineering in the Environment
MEAM 411, IPD 511* How to Make Things
MEAM 415, IPD 515, OIDD 415* Product Design
MEAM 505, MSE 405, MSE 505 Mechanical Properties of Macro/Nanoscale Materials
MEAM 513, ESE 505 Feedback Control Design & Analysis
MEAM 514, IPD 514 Design for Manufacturing
MEAM 516*** Advanced Mechatronic Reactive Spaces
MEAM 520 Introduction to Robotics
MEAM 527*** Finite Element Analysis
MEAM 529, ESE 529*** Introduction to Micro- and Nano-electromechanical Technologies
MEAM 530*** Continuum Mechanics
MEAM 536*** Viscous Fluid Flow
MEAM 537*** Nanotribology
MEAM 543*** Performance, Stability and Control of UAVs
MEAM 546 Hovering Vehicle Design
MEAM 575*** Micro and Nano Fluidics
MEAM 580*** Electrochemistry for Energy, Nanofabrication and Sensing
ENGR 105 Intro to Scientific Computing
ENM 512 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
ENM 531 Data-driven Modeling and Probabilistic Scientific Computing
EAS 402/502** Renewable Energy & Its Impacts
EAS 545, IPD 545** Engineering Entrepreneurship I
EAS 546** Engineering Entrepreneurship II

*MEAM 411/IPD 511 and MEAM 415/IPD 515/OIDD 415 do not count as MEAM Upper Levels for students who entered Fall 2010 or after

**These courses may only be used to satisfy Technology in Business and Society (TBS) or free elective requirements. They may not be used in the engineering or professional elective categories.

***Prerequisite: graduate standing or permission of the instructor required.