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sample schedule

A typical 4-year schedule

Our undergraduates spend a lot of time in hands-on, experience-oriented classes. This "practice-integrated" curriculum is what makes our Mechanical Engineering program so strong. Learn more...


Apply for admission

All undergraduates at the University apply for admission via Penn's central admissions office. There is no separate application for the School of Engineering and Applied Science or its departments. Learn more...


Courses offered

MEAM courses run from "Intro to Mechanical Design" to "Fluid Mechanics" to "Energy Engineering" and our students spend time building, innovating and gaining an in-depth understanding of the mechanical world. Learn more...


Credits needed to graduate

Credits undergraduates need to graduate with a BSE in MEAM are in the areas of math, the natural sciences, core MEAM courses, professional electives, and general and free electives. Learn more...

senior design

Senior Design Projects

As the capstone of Penn's practice-integrated mechanical engineering curriculum, the two-semester senior design sequence challenges students to put it all together - bringing theory, skills, general knowledge, and inventive energy to bear on substantial engineering problems. Learn more...


Jobs after graduation

Where do our undergraduates end up after they graduate? Penn's Office of Career Services tracks university alums and posts their responses annually to career surveys. Learn more...