Second Major in Mechanical Sciences

Option for students in the College of Arts and Sciences

College Students can apply for a second major in Mechanical Sciences (note that this option is only for students in the College, not Engineering students). 12 Credit Units are required, as follows:

10 core MEAM courses:

  • MEAM 2030 Thermodynamics – Spring
  • MEAM 2100 Statics and Strength of Materials – Fall
  • MEAM 2110 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics – Spring
  • MEAM 2470 MEAM Lab I – Fall
  • MEAM 2480 MEAM Lab I – Spring
  • MEAM 3020 Fluid Mechanics – Fall
  • MEAM 3210 Vibrations of Mechanical Systems – Spring
  • MEAM 3330 Heat and Mass Transfer – Spring
  • MEAM 3470 Mechanical Engineering Design lab – Fall
  • MEAM 3480 Mechanical Engineering Design Lab – Spring
  • MEAM 3540 Mechanics of Solids – Fall

2 MEAM electives [Note: Max of one 1000-level course; ENM 4270 is considered a MEAM course]

Students interested in a second major can contact the Undergraduate Coordinator in room 229 Towne.  To enroll, students must complete the Application for Second Major for non-engineering students.

Please note: Due to NGSS changes to course numbering in March 2022, this page has been updated to reflect the new 4-digit course numbers.