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We asked our current students why they chose MEAM@Penn.

Unedited responses are below.

“Good fit for my personal research topic; Philadelphia is a vibrant city to live in.” “The people, the city, the resources, and the research are all fantastic!” “Great research environment and a vibrant city life.”
“Penn’s professors were the only ones that actively pursued me, and offered me holistic growth instead of just another line on my CV. At other schools, I felt like I needed to impress somebody to be accepted; at Penn, people wanted me as I was, so that I could become a better thinker and scientist.” “Family” “For starters, I did my bachelors and masters in Mechanical Engineering and wanted to continue in the same field as it didn’t lose my interest even after 5 years of studying it. I’ve always been very much into hands-on experimental research and materials testing and MEAM is the best and the only place you can do that.”
“The main reason I came to MEAM was for the exciting research opportunities I had with my advisor, whose interests are aligned well with mine. I enjoy being a part of MEAM because it is a supportive group of very intelligent and interesting people.” “Penn MEAM struck me as a community that cares about its students getting involved in their interests outside of school and research alone, and that supports their students as whole people!” “I chose MEAM because it has everything I was looking for in a graduate program. The research is fascinating and fun, but poses tough challenges that challenge me to learn more each day. To solve those problem, Penn has some of the best resources and lab spaces I have seen. Within those lab spaces are great, kind, and diverse MEAM students who have helped me grow within my career and provided a sense of community. This sense of community is also provided by the faculty and staff who are responsive, helpful, and want the best for the students.”
“I particularly liked the process for quals and I liked the people I met when I first visited Penn.” “I could feel my advisor’s excitement about his lab and research and that inspires me! (Still true)” “MEAM has world renowned professors and numerous resources at the Singh Center.”
“I choose MEAM because of the tight knit feeling that I got when I came to Penn. The experience felt more personal than other programs that I explored and I saw myself fitting into the group.” “I chose MEAM at Penn because I wanted to be in a department that is both collaborative and cutting edge. In this department, we don’t do everything, but what we do, we excel at.” “The MEAM department at Penn is just a great place to study, learn, and just “be” with a community of great people, the resources to do great research, and a great overall environment.”
“MEAM allows for diverse interests in an inclusive community.”


Do you have questions that only a current student could answer?

The following current PhD students invite you to reach out with any questions you may have.

General Research Area(s)   General Research Area(s)
Parker LaMascus Mechanics/Materials Chengyang Mo Mechanics/Materials
Sage Fulco Mechanics/Materials Brian Acosta Mechanical Systems/Design
Victoria (Torrie) Edwards (she/her) Mechanical Systems/Design Thomas Celenza Mechanics/Materials, Thermal Fluids/Energy
Konstantinos Garyfallogiannis Mechanics/Materials Joe Cooke Thermal Fluids/Energy
William Yang Mechanical Systems/Design Shane Rozen-Levy Mechanical Systems/Design
Gedaliah Knizhnik Mechanical Systems/Design Mathew Halm Mechanical Systems/Design
Rossiny Beaucejour Mechanical Systems/Design, Mechanics/Materials Jessica McWilliams Mechanical Systems/Design
Bibit Bianchini Mechanical Systems/Design Gnana Saurya Vankayalapati Mechanics/Materials
Alissa Johnson Thermal Fluids/Energy Spencer Folk Mechanical Systems/Design
Jake Welde Mechanical Systems/Design Andrew Specian Mechanical Systems/Design
Laura Jarin-Lipschitz Mechanical Systems/Design Walker Gosrich Mechanical Systems/Design
Hang Shu Mechanics/Materials Gokul Iyer Mechanics/Materials
Sam Azadi Thermal Fluids/Energy Gregory Campbell Mechanical Systems/Design


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Y-Prize Competition 2018-2019: Embodied Logic
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Advances in Nanoscale Friction, Dr. Rob Carpick

The General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Laboratory
is an interdisciplinary academic and research center within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Here at (Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association) MEGA, our mission is to bring Penn mechanical engineering students together. Now you can use the website to find out more about the students at MEAM and their research.

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