Senior Design Competition 2009

Award Winners:

FatPoodle Jonathan Bohren and Alexander Rattner, winners of the Gemmil Award.
Their project, the FatPoodle foot controller (bottom right in the photo), is a four-degrees-of-freedom adjustable device that is used like a computer mouse.
Electronics Free Gait Automation Carolyn Fu and Vinny Kumar, winners of the Tatnall Prize.
Their project, the Electronics Free Gait Automation is a design for a purely mechanical, unpowered system for automating walking that can be used in above-the- knee prostheses, orthoses, and exoskeletons.
ROGER Kate Chovanetz, Matthew MacMillan and Travis VanSchoyck, winners of the Couloucoundis prize.
Their project, the Rapidly Orienting Green Eyed Robot, better known as R.O.G.E.R., was created to promote human-robot interaction.  With a set of cameras located in the eyes, ROGER has the ability to track human faces and respond to different actions by displaying various emotions.