Senior Design Competition

As the capstone of Penn's practice-integrated mechanical engineering curriculum, the two-semester senior design sequence challenges students to bring theory, skills, general knowledge, and inventive energy to bear on substantial engineering problems. There is no "typical" project and the variety is always surprising: some projects lead to marketable products; some explore a theoretical principle; some are just for fun.  But taken together, they reflect the breadth and diversity of mechanical engineering.

Our 2015 Winners:

Bahram Banisadr, Mark Gallagher, Kristopher Li, Anthony Terracciano, winners of the Francis G. Tatnall Prize Winner for an outstanding project showing ingenuity, proficiency and usefulness.  

Mechanek was designed to withstand the intense forces present in a crash. Starting with simple static analysis, components were designed and then analyzed using finite element analysis as well as destructive mechanical testing. These tests guided material selection and design revision that resulted in a device manufactured to standards developed by racing governing bodies including FIA, SFI, and NASCAR. They also participated in the Cornell Cup.

John Doyle, Manfred Reiche, Tommy Sutton, and John Whitman, winners of the William K. Gemill Memorial Prize for outstanding creativity.

Turbox was designed to take advantage of the abundant wind energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically intended for low-consumption power generation in remote, off-grid locations. Turbox is an inexpensive device that is easy to transport and can be assembled without tools or technological expertise.

Adrian Lievano, Aadithya Prakash, Freddy Hernandez, Matthew Lisle, Steven Xing, winners of the Couloucoundis Prize for the best senior design presentation.
BionUX is a prosthetic arm with the ability to recreate touch for its users. Custom designed sensors at the fingertips collect pressure and vibration data which enables the arm to recreate these sensations by pressing into and vibrating on the skin through a haptic actuator. They also participated in the Cornell Cup.
Greg Caso, Kevin Cruz, Davita Frankel-Bonacci, Clara Midgley, and Rob Ritchie, winners of the Judges Choice Award for excellence based on the discretion of the judges.

Trio is a reimagined tripod that can be set up quickly and simply. Trio has two activation levers that control a system of spring-loaded, toothed locks inside of all three legs. Trio can be set up in three steps, all in under 30 seconds.