Summer Internships

The two summer internships (offered in alternating years) below are designed to support undergraduates in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics in pursuing summer research and design projects. Proposals for projects that are initiated by the students and do not have an alternative source of support from funded faculty research projects will be given special consideration. Projects with a creative or entrepreneurial focus are especially encouraged.


The Jacob M. Abel Summer Internship seeks to promote excellence in undergraduate education in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics in SEAS. This internship provides a stipend of up to $5000 to assist undergraduate students in pursuing summer research projects. A special focus of this internship is the development of experiments in the undergraduate laboratory sequence and the support of creative design projects.  The 2016 winner of this internship was Alison Weiss. A copy of her report can be found by clicking here.

The Herbert J. and Selma W. Bernstein Class of 1945 Internship provides financial aid for undergraduate mechanical engineering students involved in summer research projects. A stipend of up to $5000 will be awarded to support independent research projects initiated by MEAM students.  The 2017 winner of this internship was Xavier Perraudin. A copy of his report can be found by clicking here.

The department is no longer accepting applications for the 2018 Jacob M. Abel summer internship; a winner for this year's internship has already been selected. To apply, students must submit a current resume and a reasonably detailed description of the project (at least 1 page), iincluding faculty advisor's name and budget covering the period during which the work will be performed, to the Undergraduate Coordinator (229 Towne Building). Students are expected to work on the project on Penn's campus.