Senior Design Competition 2007

Award Winners:


Peter Brueckner, Kristen Condello, Michael Dugan and William Jelliffe, winners of the Gemmil Award.
Their project was named Ravi-Bot, and is an autonomous robotic sitar that can improvise music in the classical Hindustani style.  The name is derived from the world’s most famous sitar player, Ravir Shankar.  Ravi-bot was also featured in Artbots, an exhibit at the Esther Klein Art Gallery. This project also won first prize in the school-wide Penn Engineering Design competition.

Electronics Free Gait Automation Erik Trautman, winner of the Tatnall Prize.
His project was Robotic Lighting.
chassis Wy-Men Loh, winner of the Couloucoundis prize.
This project was named Chassis Design for Battery Electric Vehicle.