Senior Design Competition 2008

Award Winners:

FatPoodle Elyse Newman and Francesca Lattanzio, winners of the Gemmil Award.
Their project, TRASH-E, is a smart trash can that automatically sorts recyclables. This allows for a single receptacle that promotes green waste disposal, even taking into account human error and the lack of a separate recycling bin.
Electronics Free Gait Automation Warren Jackson, winner of the Tatnall Prize.
His project, the Radiosonde Recovery, is a robot that determines a safe landing spot for a radiosonde (used in weather detection) and adjusts the parachute in such a way as to steer it there. This project also won the school-wide Senior Design Competition for 2008.

One Wheel Human Transporter

Esteban Argudo, Brian Cohen, Matthew Ford and Kimberly Gallant and Patricia Leskiw, winners of the Couloucoundis prize.
The project designed by Argudo, Cohen, Ford and Gallant is the One Wheel Human Transporter.
Human Heat Driven Thermoelectric Generator The Project Designed by Leskiw is the Human Heat Driven Thermoelectric Generator, a vest worn that generates electricity through the body heat of the wearer.