Senior Design Competition 2010

Award Winners:

Tom Castner, Dale Yates-Berg, and Todd Tewksbury, winners of the Gemmil Award.

[2nd Place at SEAS 2010 Senior Design Competition]

Rocket Boys Their project, Hybrid Rocket Motor, was designed and built to offer "simplicity, safety, good performance, comparatively cleaner environmental characteristics, and lower cost, particularly compared to solid propellant rockets."
Anjay Kumar, Sudarshan Venu, and Jeremy Lautman, winners of the Tatnall Prize.
Obese Patient Transport System Their project, the Obese Patient Hospital Transport System aims to make a difference to the lives of healthcare workers, who are often at risk for injury when transporting patients.
Alikhan Sapargalieyev, Andrew Tam, and Reed Lerner, winners of the Couloucoundis prize.
Towne Hall Clock Their project, the Towne Hall Clock, was created to learn more about several aspects of mechanics, including mechanical power transmission, especially gearing; and to advance knowledge of control and mechatronics in a challenging and unconventional setting.
Davesh Shah and Michael Shomin, winners of the Couloucoundis prize.
ROMPER Their project, the ROMPER Educational Robo-Kit, was developed to provide a robotics kit for educational purposes. A partnership was developed with the Free Library of Philadelphia to implement an innovative robot featuring omni-directional drive, an arm manipulator, as well as modular circuitry.
Alex Berger, Zach Zwicker, Jamie Greenberg, and David Dahl, winners of the Best Poster Prize.
Highest Strength-to-Weight Aircraft (SAE) Their project is entitled the Highest Strength-to-Weight Aircraft (SAE).