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Maryeileen Banford Griffith
Graduate Coordinator
229 Towne Building

Howard H. Hu
Masters Program Chair
241 Towne Building

How to Register

All students enrolled in a degree program are required to be continuously registered. Three courses per semester (including thesis research, such as MEAM 999 and independent studies) is considered to be a normal full-time load for all students. Students in the MSE program may take up to five courses in a semester if they are in excellent academic standing (with a GPA of 3.5 or better). Approval from the Graduate Group Chair or academic advisor is necessary if the student wants to take more than four courses in their first semester. Students must always consult with the Graduate Group Chair if a deviation from the normal load is being contemplated or desired. Part-time students usually take one or, at most, two courses per semester.

How to Register

To register for your classes use Penn InTouch to request your courses.

For a listing of the courses offered next term please check the Course Timetable. The course descriptions are also available in the Course Register.

If you plan to register for 899 (independent study) or 999 (PhD research) the appropriate section number must be must be acquired from the MEAM Office prior registering for the course (each advisor has a different section number). Permission to register for 990 (master's registration) and 995 (PhD dissertation) must be obtained through the Office of Academic Programs in room 111 TB (from Betty Gentner).

For information about your requirements you can consult the MSE Guidelines for Graduate Study in MEAM (PDF Format). You may also wish to consult the SEAS Graduate Student Academic Handbook.