MEAM MSE Student Networks

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics encourages close interactions between graduate students and faculty. By encouraging student faculty communications, we create an environment of scholarship, creativity and learning.


Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association (MEGA)

The Department strongly supports the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association (MEGA), a student-run association that represents the entire graduate student community in MEAM. MEGA organizes both social and technical events for graduate students.

MEGA representatives are invited, if appropriate, to attend Graduate Group meetings to serve as a communication channel between the Graduate Group and students.

One MEGA board member also serves as a representative in the Graduate Student Engineering Group (GSEG).

MEAM Graduate Student and Alumni LinkedIn Group

All MEAM MSE students and alumni of the MEAM MSE program are invited to join the MEAM Graduate Student and Alumni LinkedIn Group. This is a closed group where MEAM graduate students can network and share resources, including career opportunities.

Graduate Student Engineering Group (GSEG)

The Graduate Student Engineering Group (GSEG) is the student government for all residential masters and PhD students at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). It is tasked with the roles of representation, advocacy, and funding, as well as programming for academic, cultural, and social events.

Mission Statement

GSEG aims to sponsor academic, cultural, and social events of interest to the graduate and professional student community; organize programs to enhance the quality of graduate and professional student life; and monitor issues of importance to the graduate and professional community.

Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA)

The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) is the official student government representing graduate and professional students at the University of Pennsylvania. GAPSA champions the interests of students across all twelve graduate schools (G12) as well as several campus affinity groups (IDEAL), collaborating closely with administrators to ensure student perspectives drive policy. Its General Assembly (GA) is proportionally composed of graduate and professional students elected by each G12 member, as well as IDEAL representatives. The GA elects its President, Vice Presidents, and Council Chairs, who in turn appoint Directors and Deputies to help execute GAPSA essential functions and special projects.