MEAM MSE Program

MEAM Graduate Group and Faculty Advisors

The MEAM Graduate Group administers MEAM’s graduate programs and is comprised of MEAM’s primary faculty members as well as faculty from other departments and schools throughout the University. The current members of the MEAM Graduate Group and their research areas can be viewed on the MEAM Graduate Group website.

Each MEAM MSE student is assigned a faculty advisor who works with the student to develop a program of study. The faculty advisor is responsible for monitoring the student’s academic plan and, if applicable, thesis work. A student may request a change of advisor, if necessary, after the first semester which will be considered and approved by the Master’s Program Chair.

All graduate programs in Penn Engineering are administratively under the auspices of the Office of Academic Services (OAS).


Full and Part Time Study

Students are considered full time if they are enrolled in at least 3 CUs during a semester. Students are considered to be part time if they take only 1 or 2 CUs in a single semester. MEAM 6990 does not count towards a full-time course load. For the MEAM Seminar Requirement, full-time status is further defined as students completing the MEAM MSE degree within 2 years or a dual degree (with MEAM being one of the two degrees) within 3 years.

MEAM MSE students are required to be continuously registered during Fall and Spring semesters. Students are not expected to enroll in Summer semesters.


Course Curriculum Planning

Each semester, a registration hold is placed on all MEAM graduate student accounts before Advance Registration. Students are required to consult with their faculty advisors and go over their course registration plans to have their registration holds lifted.

Most students complete the degree in four (4) semesters in two (2) years. MEAM courses are not regularly offered during the summer (with the exception of MEAM 6990), but other courses from Penn Engineering may be offered.

Course Plan 1: The Basic Plan

This is a basic course plan for full time students. The lighter course load in the final semester gives students time for job hunting, interviewing, and other activities in preparation for post-graduation. International students may request a Reduced Course Load (RCL) in their final semester to fulfill their visa requirements.

Semester 1: Fall 3 CUs + MEAM 6990
Semester 2: Spring 3 CUs + MEAM 6990
Summer Rest or Internship (CPT for International Students)
Semester 3: Fall 3 CUs
Semester 4: Spring 1 CU

(Requires RCL for International Students)

Course Plan 2: Courses Evenly Spread in Year 2

International students may take EAS 8960 to spread out their courses in Year 2. Domestic students may follow Course Plan 2, but without EAS 8960 or the RCL.


Semester 1: Fall

3 CUs + MEAM 6990

Semester 2: Spring 3 CUs
Summer Rest or Internship (CPT for International Students)
Semester 3: Fall 2 CUs + MEAM 6990 or EAS 8960 for International Students
Semester 4: Spring 2 CUs

(Requires RCL for International Students)

Course Plan 3: Internship in Semester 3

International students wishing to do an Academic Field Study (AFS) may use the following course plan. The AFS is usually a continuation of a summer Curricular Practical Training (CPT) internship. Domestic students may follow Course Plan 3 by taking a Leave of Absence during their 3rd semester.


Semester 1: Fall

3 CUs + MEAM 6990

Semester 2: Spring 3 or 4 CUs + MEAM 6990
Summer Rest or Internship (CPT for International Students)
Semester 3: Fall AFS
Semester 4: Spring 3 or 4 CUs

Students in the MEAM MSE program may take up to five courses in a semester if they are in excellent academic standing (with a GPA of 3.5 or better after at least 1 semester of full-time studies in the graduate program), with approval from their faculty advisor and the Master’s Program Chair. Part-time students may take one or two courses per semester.


Accelerated Master’s Program

Outstanding undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania and participating schools may apply for an Accelerated Master’s (AM) in the MEAM MSE degree program. Students in the AM program can earn the MEAM MSE in up to one additional year of study (1 or 2 semesters) after earning their bachelor’s degrees. Undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania need to meet with both their Undergraduate Program Coordinator and the MEAM Master’s Program Coordinator before applying to the program.

The application for the AM program should be submitted during a student’s sophomore or junior year. Learn more and find the application here.

MEAM accepts AM students from select external schools. Learn more about the program for non-Penn students here.

Accelerated Master’s Program Policies

AM students must complete their undergraduate degree(s) in 8 semesters, or 10 semesters for students in select dual-degree programs. Undergraduate students in uncoordinated dual degrees are ineligible for the AM program. AM students may double-count up to three graduate-level courses towards both their undergraduate and the graduate degrees. AM students may also take additional graduate-level courses (which cannot be counted towards the undergraduate degree) during their undergraduate program(s) to complete their MSE degrees in fewer than 2 additional semesters (after they graduate from their undergraduate program(s)). AM students may be enrolled in no more than 50% graduate-level courses during a single semester before they graduate from their undergraduate program(s).

Students will only be able to take up to 3 CUs of graduate level (5000+) courses, prior to matriculation into AM, to count towards the master’s degree. These courses must be used only as double counted courses, counting towards both the undergraduate and master’s degrees. Any additional graduate level (5000+) courses (beyond the 3 CUs) taken prior to matriculation into the AM program will not be eligible to count towards the master’s degree. These courses will remain only on the undergrad transcript. AM students can only count graduate courses taken at the University of Pennsylvania towards the master’s degree. No transfer credit, study abroad, or study away courses will be accepted.

AM students completing their undergraduate degrees at the University of Pennsylvania must meet the prerequisite or recommended undergraduate course requirements for MEAM graduate-level courses. Before AM students from the University of Pennsylvania graduate from their Bachelor’s degree program(s), they fall under the governance of the University of Pennsylvania’s undergraduate policies and rules.