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MEAM 101Instructor: Dustyn Roberts

This course teaches the basics of the design process, from the initial idea, all the way to fabrication.  Students learn cutting-edge technologies such as computer-aided design (SolidWorks) and rapid prototyping (laser cutter and 3D printing).  A hands-on, project-based course, students design and produce their own original concepts, including a game-themed project towards the end of the semester.

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MEAM 203Instructor: Igor Bargatin

There is no escaping thermodynamics. Thermodynamics has to do with energy conversion, power production, propulsion, material synthesis, climate control, and much, much more.   In this introductory course, we will convert ocean energy into electricity, access the benefits of geothermal energy, design aircraft engines without any moving parts, and self assemble nano objects.  And, most of all, we will learn the fundamentals of macroscopic thermodynamics.

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SENIOR DESIGN (MEAM 4450 & 4460 / MEAM 445 & 446)

MEAM 445/446Instructor:  Graham Wabiszewski

Put your three years of hard work and knowledge to the test in the two-semester capstone Senior Design project class.  Students work on teams to complete a project of their choosing, utilizing their skills in project management, engineering analysis, modeling, prototyping, fabrication and even research.  The class culminates with a departmental and school-wide competition.

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Please note: Due to NGSS changes to course numbering in March 2022, this page has been updated to reflect the new 4-digit course numbers.